History of MUNOB

Students of our high school have been attending international MUN conferences for more than the past half-decade. And we have had a debate club in our school for even longer. It is fair to say we have quite a background here. This has put us on course towards something which would have colossal momentum. Yet, back then, nobody really knew anything about the way it would turn out to be.


As a couple of delegates of ours were coming back from a conference which had left a great impression on them, they thought that our school should have its own conference. With a positive attitude and loads of patience and willingness, they set out to create something big and meaningful. They set out to create the first edition of Model United Nations of Bucharest.


One year later, we had organised the first ever MUNOB conference. Although it was small, it comprised of skilled delegates, the overwhelming majority of whom were from outside of Romania. As a matter of fact, we were the first to bring this activity to our country’s high-schools. As the first edition proved highly successful we whole-heartedly decided to give it a second (improved) shot.


As the second edition unfolded, we knew there was something special about it. It all grew in scale, quality and relevance. Gratified by the applause of the pleased delegate-crowd, the team started setting the field for the next big thing. With big levels of persistence, we knew there was no stopping.


And before knowing it, we were at it again: the third edition. Uniting around 150 delegates in 7 committees, this was, back then, the largest and most ambitious edition of MUNOB so far. It proved immensely successful. Filled with intentness, the organizing team went on to build on this strong foundation.


Late April 2015. We were on the path to topping off the excellent previous edition. And one might just say we have done exactly so. With a brand new visual identity, MUNOB 2015 brought a breath of fresh air to the ever-improving nature of our events. This was also the most ethnically diverse edition so far. One might fairly assume it is a true challenge to top this event off.


As the month of April was coming to an end, so was the 2016 edition of MUNOB. Model United Nations of Bucharest brought together hundreds of people. And it offered them a challenging competition, the opportunity to visit the city and take part in plenty of memorable activities.


The new generation that makes up the latest organising team had to top off the work of their predecessors. With fresh, new ideas, they made the 2017 edition unforgettable.