History of Our School


It is common knowledge that any important event needs a suitable venue. As for MUNOB, we present to you the host school: “Mihai Viteazul” National College, abbreviated CNMV.

With a legacy dated 150 years back, it is one of the most prestigious higher education schools in Romania. CNMV bears the name of the first Walachian Prince to succeed in the unification of the Romanian principalities. Two years after the school was founded, in 1865, as an extension to “Saint Sava” National College, CNMV became autonomous. In 1868 it was given the status of Gymnasium.

Currently, “Mihai Viteazul” National College has a variety of highly equipped laboratories, a library possessing over 60,000 books, as well as a theatre of 1000 seats.

CNMV and its students, have achieved great results over the years. Apart from national and international academic competitions, our school takes part in numerous extracurricular activities that bring out the best in students: the award-winning choir, the “Orpheus” theatre group, foreign student exchange programmes with the United States and the Netherlands, the “Pache” debate club, “Odyssey of the mind” contest, “Comenius” project and of course “Mishu” MUN club.