Official Schedule

 MUNOB 2018 Official Schedule


Thursday, 26th of April

Arrival & Registration-Venue: CNMV

Friday, 27th of April

Opening Ceremony-9:30-12:30-Venue: CNMV

Snack Break-10:45-11:15-Venue: CNMV

Chair Briefing-17:30-18:00-Venue: CNMV-Chairs only

First Committee Meeting-18:00-19:00-Venue: CNMV

Committees’ Night Out:-19:00-Venue: Old Town

Saturday-Monday, 28th-30th of April

Chair Briefing-8:30-9:00-Venue: CNMV-Chairs only

Committee Sessions-9:00-17:00-Venue: CNMV

MUN Directors’ Meeting-9:00-Meeting-Venue: CNMV

Lunch Break No.1-12:30-13:15-Venue: Hanu’ Berarilor

Lunch Breaj No.2-13:35-14:20-Venue: Hanu’ Berarilor

Chair Debriefing-17:00-17:30-Venue: CNMV-Chairs Only

Saturday, 28th of April

Diplomats’ Soiree-18:00-Venue: CNMV-MUN Directors, chairs and organising team

Sunday, 29th of April

Official Party-20:00-00:30-Venue: Scala Floreasca

Monday, 30th of April

Official Dinner-18:30-Venue: Hanu’ Berarilor-MUN Directors only

Tuesday, 1st of May

General Assembly-9:00-14:30-Venue: CNMV

Snack Break-12:00-12:45-Venue: CNMV

Closing Ceremony:-18:00-21:00-Venue: CNMV

Wednesday, 2nd of May