SG’S Welcome


Most esteemed participant ,

As the Secretary-General of Model United Nations of Bucharest 2017, it is my utmost honour to welcome you to our conference.

This year we celebrate the sixth edition of MUNOB and we hope that we will give you the best experience here so far. Since MUNOB started six years ago, at the initiative of some MUN-passionate students, it has grown bigger and bigger. Now, more students find out about the conference and want to be a part of it by helping in any way possible. The first edition of MUNOB was the first such experience in a Romanian high school and we are very proud of that. In order to keep our legacy, we have learned from past experiences, gathered knowledge and put it all in this year’s edition.

We are an enthusiastic and resourceful team, who make all the efforts to provide you with a fun, professional, challenging and unforgettable edition so far.

The conflict in Yemen, the rights of indigenous people and religious minorities, the issue of piracy and human rights abuses are just a few of the topics we decided to put on the agenda for Model United Nations of Bucharest 2017. Since we believe that it is the power of young people that can change the world, we are looking forward to hearing the debates within the committee sessions  and to reading the resolutions.

I am looking forward to productive, challenging, interesting debates within our nine committees, some of which are new to MUNOB. I am also looking forward to seeing how new friendships will forge, for it is part of the MUN spirit. We hope that you are as excited as we are because there is not much time until MUNOB officially starts !

Yours sincerely,

Mara Ioniță