Student Officer Application

If you wish to participate as a Student Officer in our conference, you must either be part of a previously submitted school delegation, led by an MUN-director, or be over 18 and thus apply individually. In either case, you must fill in the form below. If you are part of a school-led delegation, then make sure your teacher (MUN-director) has first submitted your school delegation to our conference.

The PGA will contact and guide you through the next steps after you have submitted the form. After they had been contacted by the PGA, applicants have to write an application letter which should contain answers to the following questions:

⋅ Write a brief description of yourself. What makes you fit for a chair or president position?  

⋅ What are the top five qualities a president of a council needs in your opinion?

⋅ How do you think a committee should be chaired? How would you react to all delegates being extremely quiet and their refusal to speak?

⋅ What criteria do you use to evaluate delegates on top of the usual credit given by amount and relevance of interventions?

⋅ Has your past MUN experience shaped you? If so, in which ways?

⋅ Which committee or council would you like to chair or preside and why?

Student Officer application deadline is December 20th.